Ceramic Mugs

The classic Boost Promotional Products ceramic mug is an ideal choice for a promotional item, perfect for starting every day at the office throughout the year. These mugs provide a generous print area to display your corporate message prominently and a large capacity for your favorite hot drinks. Your clients or staff will appreciate the practicality and quality of this cost-effective promotional product, making it a great addition to any workplace environment.

Beyond their role as effective promotional tools, all our ceramic mugs are designed for everyday use. These products is not dishwasher safe and handwashing is recommended.  Whether slurped, sipped, or dunked from, these mugs maintain their appearance and functionality, providing ongoing visibility for your brand with each use. Their durability makes them a reliable choice for long-term promotion.

Australians, on average, consume 1,100 cups of tea and coffee per person each year, highlighting the substantial impact a promotional ceramic mug can have for your business. With frequent daily use, these mugs offer continuous exposure to your brand, making them an effective tool for reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty. Every sip taken from these mugs represents a potential opportunity for your brand to make an impression.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of creative color options to enhance the appeal of our ceramic mugs, available at an extra cost. All our ceramic mugs, including porcelain and premium bone china, feature kiln-fired prints for maximum durability. We also provide color-changing options that reveal a new image when the mug is filled with hot liquid, adding a stunning and memorable visual effect. This unique feature makes our mugs not only functional but also engaging, ensuring they stand out in any setting.


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