Promotional & Custom Flash Drive Wristbands

Looking for custom printed promotional flash drive wristbands at affordable prices?  Consider our range from Boost Promotional Products.  We offer low-cost USB wristbands with various sizes available.  Choose from 2GB all the way up to 64 and 128GB sizes.  This range of drives is made from high-quality silicone material; they are durable and resistant to a tough day on the job.  All of our memory is A-Grade memory chips based on Samsung or Hynix chipsets which offer great read-write speeds.  For more information, samples or volume-based pricing please contact one of our staff members today.

We can also provide you with a debossing option, where the silicone is stamped with your logo, brand or name.  Boost your business today with customisable promotional flash drive wristbands.