Wide Brimmed Hats

Custom Printed Wide-brim hats come in a diverse range of materials, including straw, cotton, and polyester. Perfectly suited for the scorching Australian summer, these fashionable hats offer essential protection from the harsh sun’s rays. Promotional straw hats and floppy hats present an excellent opportunity to showcase your logo or business brand. Customise your logo hats today with Boost and make a lasting impression.

Considering a promotional cap? Why not embrace an authentic Australian theme with a wide-brimmed hat? Widely embraced by the rural community, these hats are soaring in popularity as promo gifts. Customized wide-brimmed straw hats are a versatile staple, ranking among the top ten promo giveaways for our rural clientele. With the rural industry’s vast reach, we distribute thousands of these promotional hats annually.

Custom-printed fedora hats appeal to individuals of all ages and genders, boasting a wide array of options to suit every preference. Golfers particularly appreciate the sun protection and breathability offered by promotional straw hats, ensuring minimal sunburn and maximum comfort on the course.

At Boost, we offer a stellar selection of custom wide-brimmed hats, straw hats, and ribbon hats—all of which can be adorned with your logo or design to meet your specific requirements. These hats are ideal for a multitude of advertising purposes, including conferences, golf events, trade shows, leisure gatherings, sports occasions, school and university events, exhibitions, and beyond. Reach out to one of our client service managers today to kick start your next Australian hat campaign with Boost.

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