Custom & Promotional Eskies

Promotional Eskies are a portable type of cooler bag made from a highly rigid polypropylene shell.  These unique types of promotional coolers are a true icon in Australia and a common household item in most homes.  Used in hotter and dryer parts of Australia as small food and drink handling boxes, they are perfect for anyone. An Eskie or Esky is simply defined as a plastic cooler box, ridged in construction, typically square in shape, and offering high-quality insulating properties for keeping the contents of the Eskie cold.  Food and drinks are typically the addition for ones cooler although we have seen just about everything you could think of placed into these boxes.  Designed for use in harsh outdoor conditions, these types of food-carrying ridged bags can last for many years of continual use. Here at Boost, we stock a small range of high-performance Promotional Eskies that can be custom printed with your logo, name, or business details.  We offer superior quality high-quality plastic construction with honeycomb insulation laminated between two sides of the material used in construction.  This type of construction gives you or your clients a washable Eskie that can be cleaned with ease.  We also utilize food-grade plastics for Australian standards.  The decoration is offered to you in the form of a specialty pad print.  We also use a clear coat over the top of your logo so it won’t rub or scratch off in a hurry.  Great for catering stores, cold storage shops, gift-type items, retail outlets, and more.

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